- donderdag 1 januari 1970


Redsham87 is right.Btw, i never heard any country tht is in good hehatly condition,like malaysia,the opposition wld go evrywher say bad thgs bout their own country?? Manupilating interntional media,giving wrong info, such betrayer.Internet is evrywher in mlysia, tht is nt controlled.Controlled media jst anthr scapegoat´╗┐ 2 win interntional support.Free media like good man Assage lookg 4 new hot issue n popularity r starting to belive him.Pity u guys 4 xknowing the real anwar.come2msia n find out

VEVadNIPK- 29-06-2015

Just found your blog...I am a newbie. Can't wait to read the seiers you are undertaking. And congrats on the magazine feature....well deserved. I love your blog and am adding it to my Pleasing Places to Perch so I can keep up with all the exciting things going on at My Front Porch To Yours.Melinda

cceO3CrKXqcS- 30-06-2015


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